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Play Rock Guitar at Weebly

Hi ya doing, hope your getting on well with your guitar playing. I wanted to let you know about a Play Rock Guitar site at Weebly dot com.

Play Rock Guitar at Weebly

Play Rock Guitar at Weebly

There is the main page and Play Rock Guitar Tips blog page also. It has posts on picking a guitar, amp and pedals. Also has a good information on other guitar accessories, guitar cases, stands, strings, picks, cables etc that you need to play guitar.


Hubpage Playing Rock Guitar

I have a hub at hubpages dot com on Playing Rock Guitar.  The hub is a collection on info, advice, pictures and videos on a single page on Hubpage.

There is advice on deciding to play rock guitar, getting a guitar, first steps to playing and next steps on improving your playing. 

There is an easy beginner rock guitar tab featured.  The tab is easy to play and once you have mastered it you can change it to progress and improve your playing in a small step.

You can go here to see the hub
Playing Rock Guitar at Hubpages dot com.

Playing Rock Guitar at Squidoo

If you are look for more tips on Playing Rock Guitar then check out Squidoo.

Squidoo, if you are not familiar with it, is a site with Lenses set up around a topic.  This one is on playing guitar.  There is advice on getting started, guitar ebooks, videos, tabs, information on other good sites and more.

Here is the link to the lens if you want to check it out,
Playing Rock Guitar Squidoo Lens.

 Hope you find it useful,



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