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Play Rock Guitar at Weebly

Hi ya doing, hope your getting on well with your guitar playing. I wanted to let you know about a Play Rock Guitar site at Weebly dot com.

Play Rock Guitar at Weebly

Play Rock Guitar at Weebly

There is the main page and Play Rock Guitar Tips blog page also. It has posts on picking a guitar, amp and pedals. Also has a good information on other guitar accessories, guitar cases, stands, strings, picks, cables etc that you need to play guitar.


Your first Guitar Amp

As you play rock guitar you will want to get a loud rock distorted sound.  For this you will need a guitar amp.  I will give you some tips for getting your first amp.
Rock Guitar Marshall Amp

Rock Guitar Marshall Amp

For a beginner practising at home a practice amp is enough.  This will set you back around a $100.  The first thing is the power it uses.  Get at least a 15 watt amp up to a 30 watt amp.  Any lower than 15 watts may be too quiet, a 10 watt amp is a bit on the low side.  30 watts is loud for home or bedroom use and it can be used for a small gig or busking.

Amps may have a push button built-in effect such as overdrive, distortion or reverb.  This is good at the start as you will not need to get pedals straight away.

Don’t worry about the brand of the amp too much.  Just check that it is of good quality, maybe check a few reviews on-line.  I would worry more about having a good quality brand guitar that the amp.

Also you can get tube or electronic amps.  Get an electronic amp at the start till you know what a tube amp sound like and actually want that.  Electronic are cheaper to buy and more reliable and sound sharper. Tube amps sound warmer.   I still prefer electronic amp but some other guitarists prefer the sound of tube amps.  That is down to personal preferences which you will gain with experience.

Also get good quality leads and cables.  Spend at least $20 per lead.  Make sure it is good thick cable and has good jack plus.  Get as short a length as you can.  A cable of 2 or 3 meters is long enough.  Getting cheap, thin, long 5m cables will cause you more heartache in the long run as they break and cause unwanted noise.

If you get to try out the amp that is good but don’t worry if you don’t.  Most amps are pretty good for playing rock guitar for a beginner.  Main thing is when you get it is plug in your guitar, turn it up and enjoy yourself.  It really opens up your playing.

PS.  Extra tip if you buy your Guitar amp from a local guitar shop.  Pay cash in full and get them to give you a good free cable.  They always will when you wave the money in front of them.